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Open Source Security Podcast

Sep 26, 2022

Josh and Kurt talk about programming language ecosystems tracking and publishing security advisory details. We are at a point in the language ecosystems where they are giving us services that have historically been reserved for operating systems.

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Sep 19, 2022

Josh and Kurt talk about the Time Till Open Source Alternative blog post. The numbers probably don't mean what we think they mean anymore. A lot of modern open source is really corporate controlled. Just because something carries an open source license doesn't mean you can contribute to it.

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Sep 12, 2022

Josh and Kurt talk with Josh Aas from the Internet Security Research Group about Let's Encrypt, Prossimo, and Divvi Up. A lot has changed since the last time we spoke with Josh. Let's Encrypt won, and the ISG are working on some really cool new projects.

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Sep 5, 2022

Josh and Kurt talk about really weird networking bugs. Josh tells a story about his home network problems that made no sense. There was also a qt5 bug that affected wireless networks that made virtually no sense. What should count as a security vulnerability?

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