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Open Source Security Podcast

Oct 30, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk to Daniel Stenberg about curl. Daniel is the creator of curl, we chat with him about the security of curl. Daniel tells us how curl is kept secure, we learn about some of the historical reasons curl works the way it does. We hear the story about the curl CVE situation firsthand. We also touch on the...

Oct 23, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about Sonatype's 9th Annual State of the Software Supply Chain. There's a ton of data in the report, but the thing we want to talk about is the statistic that only 11% of open source is actually being maintained. Do we think that's true? Does it really matter?

Show Notes

Oct 16, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about a curl and glibc bug. The bugs themselves aren't super interesting, but there are other conversations around the bugs that are interesting. Why don't we just rewrite everything in Rust? Why can't we just train developers to stop writing insecure code. How can AI solve this problem? It's a...

Oct 9, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about contributor license agreements (CLAs). CLAs used to be seen as a necessary evil, but they're almost certainly bad now. We're seeing CLAs being abused, it's clear now anything controlled by a CLA won't be open source forever.

Show Notes

Oct 2, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about uncertainty. There are a bunch of stories in the news lately that really just boil down to uncertainty. Uncertainty is incredibly dangerous for everyone. We are afraid of uncertainty, and often don't really understand why it is. Trust is like a currency and uncertainty erodes trust faster than...