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Open Source Security Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about a blog post that explains how C and C++ compilers prioritize performance over correctness. This is the class story of security vs usability. Security is never the primary goal. If a security requirement doesn't also enable other business goals it will fail. We also touch on the news of a Rust...

Aug 21, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about the HashiCorp license change and copyright problems in open source. This isn't the first and won't be the last time we see this, but it's very likely open source developers and communities will view any project that has a contributor license agreement as a problem moving forward.

Show Notes

Aug 14, 2023

Josh and Kurt ask the question what is a vulnerability, but in the framing of video games. Security loves to categorize all bugs as security vulnerabilities or not security vulnerabilities. But the reality nothing is so simple. Everything is a question of risk, not vulnerability. The discussion about video games can...

Aug 7, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about the difference between what we think of as traditional open source, and enterprise software projects that have an open source license. They are both technically open source, but how the projects work is very very different.

Show Notes