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Open Source Security Podcast

Sep 25, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about filing bugs for software. There's the old saying that anyone can file bugs and submit patches for open source, but the reality is most people can't. Filing bugs for both closed and open source is nearly impossible in many instances. Even if you want to file a bug for an open source project,...

Sep 18, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about the weird world we live in how where we can't control a lot of our hardware. We don't really have control over most devices we interact with on a daily basis. The conversation shifts into a question of how can we decide what to trust and where. It's a very strange problem we experience now.


Sep 11, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about why CVE is making the news lately. Things are not well in the CVE program, and it's not looking like anything will get fixed anytime soon. Josh and Kurt have a unique set of knowledge around CVE. There's a lot of confusion and difficulty in understanding how CVE works.

Show Notes

Sep 4, 2023

Josh and Kurt talk about wordpress selling web services with a 100 year lifespan. Will WordPress still be around in 100 years? What would 100 years of disaster recovery look like? Most of us will never need to think about 100 years of disaster recovery.

Show Notes